Our Latest Projects

Radford University, Radford VA

- Removed the existing handline and replace with a braille winch to the existing arbor.
- Replaced all fire curtain lift lines and hardware with the current industry standard hardware and wire rope.
- Installed two pull pin release stations for the fire curtain.
- Installed new fire curtain trip line with new fusible links.
- Replaced all malleable hardware on the paint frame with forged hardware.

custom winch cage Fire-Curtain-Pull-Pin-Release

Fire-Curtain-Braille-Winch Paint-Frame-Rigging-Hardware-Replacement Paint-Frame-Winch-Line-Rigging-Hardware-Replacement


Holyland Amusement Park, Orlando Florida

- Installation of twenty-three Vortek Automated Hoists
- Two 12’ 0’’ x 36’ 0’’ Wire Tension Grids
- Supplemental Steel



WV10 WV12


Clarence Brown Theatre University

- Removed and replaced 45 single purchase counterweight sets
   including loft blocks, headlocks, take up blocks, hand lines, arbors, lift lines and battens.
- Removed and replaced one lock rail and add a second lower lock rail.
- Added four double purchase counterweight linesets


 Additional Completed Projects: