ETCP Certification

As an ETCP (Entertainment Technician Certification Program) certified rigger, TRS is well equipped to provide superior rigging installation services. That promise of exemplary services extends to all facets of our theatrical installations.

With our body of knowledge and experience, such as our ETCP designation and others, TRS assures our clients of superior workmanship and time-sensitive delivery.

TRS also recognizes the value and commitment of your design team and providing seamless services. We endeavor to provide consulting/technical services and working cooperatively with such design team members as architects and engineers, so that your installation exceeds industry standards and meets essential deadlines.

ETCP certification includes, but is not limited to, rigging systems such as counterweighted systems, mechanical systems and hydraulic systems. This certification also assures that we have pledged to deliver outstanding technical performance. Our certification is a measure of our commitment our clients and the theatrical industry.

As an ETCP certificate holder, we are committed to meeting or surpassing important measures of technical professional excellence.