Our Super Straddle Lift

At T.R.S., providing you with superior workmanship extends to the equipment and materials we use. For example, the super-straddle lift (as shown here) enables us to work in environments once considered impossible to maneuver.

The super-straddle lift gives us as much as four feet of vertical clearance over fixed obstacles (such as auditorium seating) and can easily maneuver through a standard entranceway. That enables us to seamlessly proceed with an installation, whether it is easily accessing light bulbs or chandeliers, or performing other essential installation tasks above permanent seating, stairwells, church pews or other obstruction. It is ideally suited for use in such large spaces as atriums or where seating is sloped, such as auditorium or theater – places where other lifts simply do not have the ability to meet the client’s needs. It has an overall reach of more than 49 feet.

Most importantly, the super-straddle lift conforms to ANSI A92.3 standards.